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28 September 2018

Overly sexy, smart, edgy& dangerous, Inside Job

27 June 2018

The Gathering - Part 1: INTRO

09 June 2018

C'est démon!

25 May 2018

Unreleased Love Songs, Panayiotis Mina

23 March 2018

Hot Spring, Maya Hottarek

Overly sexy, smart, edgy& dangerous, Inside Job

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Inside Job
Ula Lucińska & Michał Knychaus

„…there was something sculpted about the creature—if one can imagine a sculpture done in chromed spikes, razor wire, blades, thorns, and smooth metal carapace. It was large—more than a meter taller than I, and I am not short”.

The above quotation describes Shrike - an avatar from Dan Simmons' books, sent from the future by the Absolute Artificial Intelligence. As it turned out later there were several Shrikes and each one was programmed by a different group representing the same complex and chaotic conflict between the unimaginable forces. In a similar way, players - telepresent in countless virtual arenas - compete with each other. Dressed in digital armours allowing them to break the laws of physics, they travel through space-time at the speed of fiber optic cables. They hide their personalities under the mask of colourful and respectable avatars. Some of them are innocent, others are sexy and others are repulsive or completely abstract. During the most hot moments of fight, they throw messages that can convey true political meaning. Enemy is an enemy - whether it's a man, an alien or a demon. Every piece of equipment is an advanced product dream. Every smallest blade can be personalised and improved.
A series of objects prepared for the exhibition Overly sexy, smart, edgy and dangerous builds a specific image of an abandoned battlefield. Hanging on frayed clothes, the blades seem to be a fantasy about a conflict that could happen in some distant world - or on another planet. It's hard to recognize the time in which this fight could take place, or even imagine the physiognomy of the fighters.

Sound: RAW SILVER - Haze Anthology mix

Inside Job is a collective created by Ula Lucińska and Michał Knychaus. Their artistic practice is based on carrying out interdisciplinary projects using the latest media and materials. They focus on the process of creating new identity which emerges when cut-off from the domesticated cultural contexts on the unknown visual territories and in the space of the changing language. The aesthetic experiments use mostly the subversive incorporation of fashion and sub-culture elements of contemporaneity.
Many of their to-date realisations use the “product” category, understood also as an artistic product, as well as how it functions in dispersed systems. Inside Job regards art as an adequate platform of communication between people living in a hybrid, post-digital world. They presented their works during art residencies (e.g. Kulturfabrik, Burgdorf, Switzerland), at individual exhibitions (e.g. :SKALA Gallery, 9/10 Gallery, Poznań, Poland; Hot Wheels Projects, Athens, Greece) and collective (e.g. Athens Digital Arts Festival 2018, Athens; Galeria SKALA, Poznań; Galeria DuflonRacz, Berno, Switzerland; Ostrale Biennale of Contemporary Arts, Dresden, Germany; Musrara Mix Festival, Jerusalem, Izrael; New Waves, Museum of Contemporary Arts, Virginia, USA; Callegenera Festival, Monterrey, Mexico). They are the finalists of this year's prestigious, international Artagon competition in Paris and in 2016 they were merited with the Santander Universidades award for emerging artists. Grantees of the programme carried out by the Adam Mickiewicz Institute, Polish Culture Around the World.

Opening 28 September 2018 at 7pm / Exhibition duration 5-18 Octomber 2018

The Gathering - Part 1: INTRO

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Compact, dynamic and useful actions for the dance scene of Cyprus. Priority to the underground, to the potential of experimentation, to high aesthetic dirt. An action to highlight the importance of local networking whilst simultaneously attempting to connect with an international network.

Honest Electronics is a concept created by Nico Stephou and Aristos Ioannou. Adapting what they've already learnt in their yearly involvement in the local scene, they are joining forces to create a scenario of chained situations in which a community of collaborators can flourish.
The Gathering is a yearly festival organised by Honest Electronics. This year the festival is split into 4 events, INTRO is the 1st.

Arrbutus plays "Helping Hands" live.
Michalis Shammas presents "Kyklophonon II" Instrument
"Crossdressing Dioegenes" Zine Launch
Nico Stephou presents "Clusters" Visual identity
"Mutual Ground II" will be released, our second music compilation.
& Aristos Ioannou is hosting the talk "Initiating Ideas"

The co-founder of DriveDrive and visual artist Sayia Navva will present her recent musical output which was released on the Honest Electronics label under the Arbutus moniker titled 'Helping Hands' E.P.

Alongside Sayia will be Michalis Shammas, musician and music instrument inventor who will present the 'Kiklophon II' an instrument engineered and built by himself. Michalis who performs under the name Michalis Sham will give a 30 minute 'demonstration' of the instrument and his upcoming EP.

'Crossdressing Diogenes', is a zine created to archive and promote the underground electronic music scene of the island. The magazine is an edit of Nick Herzberg's sociology thesis on the Cypriot scene edited by Peter Eramian and designed by Nico Stephou. It has the intention to be 'observational and responsive, not driven by a desire to fit Cyprus and its music scene into a narrative'.

Clusters is the visual identity of the entire ' summer activities' project, created by Nico Stephou, visual artist and co-founder of Honest Electronics. Each artist of the upcoming festival has been associated with an 'artefact' that Nico has designed. The 'clusters' are the visual combination of these 'artefacts' into abstract compositions suggesting the power of a community.

Mutual Ground Vol II is the second music compilation released by the Honest Electronics label. It acts as a preview of the music which will be heard at the events, with (number) performing artists contributing an original composition to the compilation. The compilation will be sold together with last years compilation on a special packaging.

27 June 2018 at 7pm

C'est démon!

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TESTDRIVE invites C'est demon!

C'est demon! came out of the duo’s shared passion for a certain attitude found in post-punk music, without chaining the party to trivial genres. Co-curated to the finest detail, their events filled a void in the local underground scene. Some still rave on about that first event in that iconic building in 2017. After a dormant year, TESTDRIVE’s unique setting and architecture revived those intentions and opens up a new phase for the event series. Expect more of that throbbing tension of freedom, between the heavy and the light, the ebbs and the flows of the dancefloor. Chic αλητείες.

new phase, new space, same intentions. find us down the stairs in the basement.

09 June 2018 at 10pm

Photos by Marietta Mavrokordatou & Iza Gałkowska

Unreleased Love Songs, Panayiotis Mina

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unreleased love
I have to get away from here
she said
this is not a place for me
I need to release into an explosion
feel the pressure mounting and mounting and mounting and then

Unreleased Love Songs will see Panagiotis explore the space of TESTDRIVE to create a site-specific installation/performance as he will attempt to release his unreleased love songs and other mounting problems in his lyfe.
The outcome will be dependant on his experience and material gathered within a one-week residency.

Panagiotis Mina (b.1982) is an audiovisual anti-auteur. He is a videomaker and a photographer in trade. In addition, he is a musician and an active member of Honest Electronics DIY collective. His debut album as PANAYOTIS, titled ‘Hawaiiprus’ is a socio-psychological study of the place he lives (Cyprus) in the guise of a novel where the protagonist is a mysterious island. His personal project Pyrgatory is an exploration of recording practices through social interactions. He has, in his 20 years of activity created among other things, the faux post-punk band SPOKO (2008), the series of party/ performances ‘EDIT’ (2010) and more recently the open air synthesizer series of performances ‘NOISE OF OZON’ (2018). He performs using a selection of electronic modular synthesizers, drum machines and haptic instruments, guitars, drums and microphones which metamorphose constantly as his sets are often based on autoschediasm.


25 May 2018 at 6pm, Performance at 10pm

Hot Spring, Maya Hottarek

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TESTDRIVE is presenting its first residency showcase with the artist Maya Hottarek.

Hot Spring derives from Maya’s fascination with actual natural springs and their energising faculties on the body. She has been collecting visual material of sulphur eruptions that stylistically and conceptually inform her sculpture in the form of patterns and water circuits.

Hot Spring consists of a circuit mechanism that during the opening will be pumping zivania, the Cypriot pomace brandy. Typically, high volume alcoholic drinks are called ‘feuerwasser’, [fire-water] in German, something that Hottarek finds relevant to her sculpture and audio piece, which both combine together the two opposite elements of Fire and Water.

In Maya’s words, “ ‘Feuerwasser’ consumed at the opening will be completing the human metabolism circuit and returning back to the earth through urination.”

After the opening, the sculpture will be added to DriveDrive’s collection.

Maya Hottarek (*1990) born Biel, Switzerland. Maya Hottarek currently lives and works in Athens and Biel/Bienne. In addition to her own artistic practice, she is involved in various social and cultural Projects such as the Happy Positive Collective, as a co-founder of the group. Since 2017 she curates the Cabane B Art Space in Bern CH.


Opening 23 March 2018 at 7.30pm / Exhibition duration 29 March - 19 April 2018

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